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Get a great notion today

Whenever you find that you don't have the right tool to get the job done, come to L&L Yard goods to find the notion you need.

Highlight your work with the perfect notion

Buttons, ribbon. trim, thimbles, needles, thread -- you'll be amazed at the abundance of quilting notions you can explore at L&L Yard Goods. Just make sure you set aside enough time for your browsing!

Complete your collection of quilting tools

Whether you need a particular notion to make your quilting work easier, or have a task that can only be performed with a certain tool, L&L Yard Goods is the place to go. If we don't have it in stock, we'll find it for you.

You can depend on the best brands on the market

• Marti Mitchell • Thangles • Swatch Buddies
• Karen Kay Buckley • Qtools • Sew EZ
• Havel's •  Moda • Quilting Time
• Ta-da Quilt Products • Rulers by Creative Grid • Clover


Find the quilting essentials you need today at 1814 Taylor St.


Notions | Madison, IN | L&L Yard Goods | 812-273-1041
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